Thursday, August 19, 2010

self controll

temptations just are natural on earth because our flesh is so much used to sinning..when u give in to temptations impudent heat, u feel useless, but learn from ur mistakes because they are a shield in the future and always think accuratly becuase the devil will use your irrational acts to condemn you for life.

the definition of love

love just entertains people so much that they start mixing it wth emotions and goosbumps, what happens when those feelings are gone..what do u do, u simply brake up, now! that love was based on physical attraction and is usually defined as secrifizes thngs w admire and secrifize does not mean supplying to people you know or admire, give ur worst enemy what thrills you and do it with a gentle, pure heart and you will be comprehending love..God is love and wants us to have the love he gave us through practise the love of humality.