my weaknesses

it looks very imperseptive for me to enlarge on my weaknesses but this will assist someone vastly that he is not the only one struggling in life.
i easilly get irritated and when i do wrath elevates so much because i grew up with so much of this anger and everytime something enapt occures to me i solve it through quarrels.

listen im not proud of this and i pray everyday that this character might not be a centre in me, and if you struggling with something only you and God know about, dont be terrified to verbalise it to the Lord or you will die an isolated person although you mixed so much with people.

you should know by now that only God can save you, say whatever it is that is bothering you and he will give you your hearts desire, life has too much riddles but the Lord can persieve that you need the assistance but he cant save you from all of it if you dont listen to his words and do what he tells you because the devil will take away the blessing of the Lord without you noticing because of how loose you are.