Wednesday, September 1, 2010


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my name is Luvo Majeke, I love learning new inventive things and i am a hard worker
i love listenning to peoples opinions about any topic atlarge which gives me the time to debate and get to perceive thier level of intelligence because i have placed an outstanding protocol that i will search for the intelligent and debate with them so i can increase in knowledge and understanding.

i went through alot of robust, threatining challenges and i have received a formular to eradicate them which is the effects of the mind.

we were born to choose between 2 things "good or bad","life or death" and the mind was centered on such a protocol and making choices is easy if you trully have confidence that you will follow what you put before you.

We have grown up to love the bad more than the authentic which makes it potently hard for one to comply with good and all we need to do is unlock the secrets in our minds,,well the question is how do we do that, its simple be yourself and dont tell yourself what you need to hear but instead be honest with ourself and be strick with rules you place so that you can level up to obey your body.

your body is the temple of the Lord but if ur mind refuses that, you will end up being vacant and filled with the devils wickedness, grow up ok and start looking after your mind, its the battle field open for anything or anyone to devour.

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